Pro Brewhouses

A brewhouse is the beating heart of every craft brewery, and a burgeoning brewing operation can’t survive with a single day of downtime related to equipment failures.

Brewer Centric Design

The signature and patented design element of Ss Brewtech brewhouses is the consolidated valve tree mounted atop the working platform within easy reach of the main control panel. Laser-etched stainless steel butterfly valves allow for precise flow modulation and control without having to continually move up and down the work platform during the brew day.

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Engineering Better Beer

Ss Brewtech has been a consistent innovator in brewing equipment design, with market firsts such as conical bucket fermenters, insulated mash tuns, rotatable kettle pick-ups, valve trees, and uniframe construction. In recent years, Ss Brewtech has leveraged its expertise in stainless brewing equipment design and fabrication to become a major innovator in adjacent beverage markets.

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