Open Kitchen

With Open Kitchen, restaurants, convenience stores, and food retailers can connect, analyze, and control key equipment, including HVAC, refrigeration, and a wide range of kitchen equipment brands, to automate essential facility functions.


With SiteSage, retailers, health clinics, banks, and other businesses with large numbers of small commercial properties can connect, analyze, and control key equipment, including HVAC, signage, and lighting.

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A Better Way to Manage your Equipment

SiteSage and Open Kitchen are the broadest IoT-based platforms serving the Foodservice, Food Retail, and Retail industries. The platforms are digitally connected to thousands of pieces of kitchen, HVAC, and other equipment; monitor and control thousands of additional pieces of equipment, and deliver full transparency, improved equipment performance, reduced utility spend, and multiple additional benefits.

  • Connected kitchen equipment
  • HACCP management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Asset inventory
  • Remote-recipe distribution


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