Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Comark offers a range of static wireless temperature monitoring solutions for logging both temperature and also humidity data, from small battery-operated data loggers to professionally installed wireless temperature monitoring systems.

Digital Thermometers

The Comark pocket digital thermometer range has been designed for a variety of applications, where a mobile and flexible temperature monitoring solution is required.

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Foodservice safety is the top priority

Foodservice operators are more aware of food safety than ever before. Preventing food-borne illnesses and avoiding food waste because of inadequate temperature monitoring have spurred operators to seek solutions to ensure the 24/7 safety of all their food products.

  • Infrared Thermometers
  • HACCP Solutions
  • Pocket Digital Thermometers
  • Food Thermometers
  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring
  • Dial Thermometers
  • Timers and Alarms


Check out the entire line of food safety instruments from Comark.

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