Drainage Mats

Drainage mats from NoTrax are designed with holes that allow liquids to easily pass through. The result is a slip-free work area for staff and other personnel. The anti-slip design of these mats will offer increased traction for faced-paced environments.

Cutting Boards

Sani-Tuff® cutting boards are made from a high-density rubber compound that won’t crack, splinter, swell, or absorb liquids or odors, and lasts far longer than cutting boards made from wood or plastic.

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Foodservice Mats by NoTrax

Foodservice mats from NoTrax are designed to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for personnel in restaurants and eateries. These mats feature an anti-slip construction that will work to reduce workplace slips and falls. For wet environments, food service mats often incorporate drainage holes that allow water and grease to drain easily.

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